Hi! My name is Michal and I'm UX/UI designer with 3 years of experience... and I do a bit of coding.
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Client: ROHS Administratie
Challange: Update look and website of ROHS Administratie to atract new customers and build stronger brand.
Activities: User research, Branding, UX/UI Design, Marketing materials (posters, business cards, stickers, roll-ups), Facebook management, Facebook advertisement
Result: 150% increase in conversions (clients)

When I meet big, Dutch accountancy company - ROHS Administratie, they had outdated branding and template website... ughhh.

By using new font selection and modern color palette I took their branding to higher level. After we were happy with branding it was time to create new UX for the website. We defined main goals of users and upgraded design according to new trends.

Then, we were ready to start marketing. Yeah! We created set of branded posts and run multiple successful Facebook campaigns!

The holistic service made for ROHS Administratie resulted in 150% better conversion rate and professional look of accountancy company.

Client: self-initiated (The Hague University)
Challange: Create concept of a digital agency.
Activities: Research, Prototyping, UX/UI Design, Coding, Branding (animated logo, business cards, email footers)
Result: Working concept of agency.

Useflow Online is an agency concept that I created together with my friend designer. It was also part of self-initiated university project.

The challenge was to conduct a research and come up with concept that fits the newest trends. As you can see, it required UX creativity when it comes to information structure on the same level as UI skill in order to produce something that stands out.

Modern animations created for that website involved a lot of experience in Webflow and HTML/CSS & JavaScript.

Client: NRG Care (Design Rights - Digital Farmers)
Challange: Build powerful branding and website to introduce new concept.
Activities: Branding, Logo Design, Illustrations, UX/UI, Webflow (Coding), CRM integrations
Result: Branding that reflects the vision of the company and multipurpose website.

NRG Care is a company introduced by Belgian giant NRG MAN. It is a completely new concept of green energy, where users gather together in order to buy electricity cheaper as a group.

As you can see the whole concept is about energy (NRG) and about community (care). That's why in the logo I included both bolt and heart. Similar, colors on website use a lot of green to show biological approach, but also yellow for energy and red for care.

The whole website shows lots of creativity in the usage of the illustrations. By vector graphic and coding standards it turned out one of my favorite websites.

Clear CTA's and well thought UX resulted in new customers and well-explained, not so obvious concept.

Client: Syndicat UNI (Design Rights - Digital Farmers)
Challange: Digitalize the flow of attracting new customers.
Activities: Research, Wireframing, Prototyping, UX/UI Design, Webflow (coding), Wordpress, Branding, Payment Integration
Result: Website and branding that attracts new customers and make it possible to purchase subscription online using local payments.

Syndicat Uni is a big non-profit company that helps independent entrepreneurs with all kinds of problems, like: unpaid invoices, law problems, advices etc.

Although they are long on the market, their website didn't allow users to purchase yearly subscription online. Moreover, their branding needed serious upgrade.

Together with Digital Farmers and talented illustrator we created a completely new website and decided on new font and color selection.

My job for Syndicat UNI was mainly about creating strong brand image, UX/UI design zsupported by research and prototyping, and at the end, coding fully working website.

Client: NOHBO Benelux (Design Rights - Digital Farmers)
Challange: Show the product for Benelux audience in attractive way and invite to B2B cooperation.
Activities: UX/UI design, Prototyping, Webflow (Coding), Responsive Design, Scroll Animations
Result: Scroll-experience website that attracts new customers.

NOHBO Drops is a new product from United States that will revolutionize the market of biological shampoos.

Their website for US market was not aligned with European standards. By conducting a research and creating prototypes together with Digital Farmers, we created beautiful scroll-experience website.

Our goal was to showcase the product and attract new distributors for Benelux area. Using local design trends and researching our users we definitely succeeded!

Client: Royal Detailing (Design Rights - Digital Farmers)
Challange: Showcase work and make it easy to contact.
Activities: User Research, UX/UI Design, Webflow (coding), custom integrations
Result: Experience website that attracts new customers

Royal Detailing is a mobile carwash for luxury cars. With his new website, young entrepreneur wanted to showcase his work, invite new customers and make it super easy to contact him.

We fit the target group by combining luxury look of the company with serif font and classic gold. On the other hand we've showed young energy with sans serif and beautiful images.

After all, who doesn't like working with pictures of sport cars?

One of my first pictures made in the Hague, August 2016

I arrive from Poland to the Netherlands to start my adventure with UX design in the Hague University.

The Hague keeps me inspired with beautiful architecture, April 2017

I make profile on UpWork and one month later I get my first freelance job! After first success I see how much I enjoy being UX designer and helping small and big companies. Not so long after I got more and more clients. Motivation and hard work gets me to Top Rated profile on UpWork couple of months later.

Picture from our company trip during my internship to Terschelling - beautiful island on top of the Netherlands, October 2017

I start my 6 months internship in top, Rotterdam-based, digital agency - Zicht. I get practical knowledge from big players and learn to work in team using SCRUM and sprints.

Me receiving propedesue certificate on propedeutic ceremony (I don't really know what's going on here), September 2017

I receive propedeuse certificate which means that I passed first year of UXD course with maximum number of credits (ECTs), among few students.

Working with Belgian agency also means visiting beautiful cities like Antwerp, November 2018

As a freelance designer I keep on helping companies with their digital presence! In the summer of 2018 I get into relationship with Belgian creative agency - Digital Farmers, where I work as a UX/UI designer. I get a grasp of being a creative director. Couple of months later I decide to start my 6 months graduation internship with them.

Graduating means partying right? :) Kingsday 2019

I finish my UXD studies at the Hague University with top grades, new skills and lots of motivation!

Let's work!

Currently I'm looking for full-time UX job. United States or Spain? Doesn't matter, I love adventures!

Sounds like we would like each other?

Don't forget to drop me a line or download my CV.